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December 01st, 2011 - 23:14  
"The End of Tolerance"       (0 Comment)

by Mr. Hans Wiblishauser and Dr. Pierlugi Pezzano

     I asked to publish this letter from the President Hans Wiblishauser appeared in the latest issue of the Dobermann Verein magazine to announce evidentialy the endorsement of the principles contained in it and the measures called for by all the governing bodies of AIAD and the Italian Dobermann breeding.

     The letter published here is the result of specific initiatives, desired and advocated by the Dobermann Verein and AIAD, consistent and sanctioned by deliberate actions by the Presidium IDC in his last meeting. The same will, initiatives and actions were reviewed and accepted for Italy made ​coherent by the National Council AIAD, who also approved a concrete implementation plan at its meeting on 26th of November. This same program will be brought to the attention of members in the coming days. I should note, however, also here that consistent with the principles of reliability and fairness of the selection of the Doberman breed, in recent months the AIAD has already requested and obtained from ENCI important measures to protect the genetic damage that the use of some studs could cause for the Italian Dobermann.

     I'm available to all members and Italian Doberman breeders to give clarification and receive advice on this merit.

Viva il Dobermann,
Pierlugi Pezzano

The end of tolerance has been reached.

     It is time to shorten the reins to the breeding, or rather, to some breeders. Therefore, new measures will not cause surprise. The Dobermann Verein e.V, is an Association of Doberman breed widely known. The International Dobermann Club (IDC) is an Association, composed of National Doberman Clubs, who have decided to be submitted to common Rules and controls. In our ranks breeding is practiced mainly as a Hobby. Breeding purebred dogs means, above all, taking responsibility. The Association of the Doberman race assumes the task of creating guidelines that allow us to assume the great responsibility of breeding. The basis on which rest the guidelines for breeding are the experiences made and goals to reach from members of the Association, especially from breeders, who must be willing, as it should be, to be submitted to Rules adopted by the Clubs and to take real responsibility in the choice of their breeding dogs, responsibility in the choice of the partners used for their dogs and responsibility for the education and training to which subject their dogs.

     Quite the opposite happens when the breeding, for some, becomes a partial or even the primary way to earn a living, breeding becomes a “business”, dogs are in danger to become a “product” and the normal pressure on the desire to have success is accompanied by economic pressure. Then, it becomes necessary to “produce” more and more dogs in less time, to be able to get to earn even more and more. In order to do this, some people lose all sense of responsibility and use every means to reach its goal. The “creativity” of some breeders of this kind goes so far to get around of some, if not all, Rules of breeding that the DV, the various National Associations of Doberman race and the IDC established and arrive to the falsification of documents. Damage caused by these behaviors have a negative impact on the owners of puppies and then on the serious breeders, but also on all the Associations that protects the Doberman breed in the world. Not to mention the long-term damage that this behaviors lead to the selection and breeding of the Doberman.

     I would also give here the communication about the fact that the leaders of DV and IDC will take seriously the complaints and notices that will be made about this argument, we will do researches in this direction and we will move as is right to protect the correctness, the seriousness and the sportive honor. Of course this will take some time, since it will be needed to be checked on the basis of evidence all the complaints and notices. I assure you, however, that deception and manipulations in the breeding will lead to prohibition of breeding and showing, and to the exclusion from the IDC of those member countries, found to be complicit in illegal conduct. For confirmed cases will be very heavy penalties. In the coming weeks and months we will invest all our energies and our resources, including financial, for the solution of this problem.

     I find positive the initiative of several internet portals, which give the opportunity for dog owners to disclose details of their dogs, for example affeccted by DCM. Already after a short time, however, we observed that the majority of cases involve dogs bred outside the controlled breeding. Dogs coming from breeders recognized by the DV and by several nations members of IDC are controlled in this way, of course we can have control only about the dogs from the breeders recognized by us. The control of DNA recently introduced is another step to reach the conclusion that: We arrived at the end of tolerance. To report anomalies we are asking all friends of the Doberman to have recourse not only to the internet portals were born for this, but also directly to the DV, so we can take action on the base of the problem, to prevent damage and promote in the future the selection of healthy, and controlled our beautiful Doberman, as well as support and defend the serious breeders. Referred to this, we continue to work hard, all together for a controlled selection of Doberman.

Best Regards,
Hans Wiblishauser

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