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October 03rd, 2014 - 10:25
Championship Dog Show

AGAIN!!! Another surprise from one of our G Litter. It's Garuda von Dockermann owned by Mr. Ryan Lack and Ms. Naomi Cowley (UK).

In City of Birmingham, Champion Dog SHow 2014. Garuda von Dockermann won FIRST BEST IN GROUP (more than 1.500 dogs) under judge Ms. Jean Lanning.

Comments: "It's a wonderful dog... It's square & fits the standard exactly.. It's so sound... Quite a lot of number of those breeds, don't come toward you truely, but this dog is absolutely amacular as a mover!!" Ms. Jean Lanning (UK).

"I have done a little bit of research, I can never actually remember an Indonesian import winning a CC, much less a GROUP!!" Mr. Andrew Brace (DOG WORLD, UK)

YES!! This is the first ever for an Indonesian imported dog to win a BEST IN GROUP, in UK's dog show!!

Thank you Mr. Ryan Lack and Ms. Naomi Cowley for taking such a good care and bringing the best out of him. Waiting the day for Garuda to finish his Champion title to make it 3 out of 3 for the G Litter.